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Latest Books: Dissolution, Constantinople, The Amulet of Samarkand

April 29th, 2008
Dissolution by C.J. Sansom - 7.5/10 Very interesting period, and well-conveyed. As a mystery novel it wasn't very, well, mysterious, but the characters were compelling and the historical setting was fascinating. The dissolution of the English monasterie… more »

Totalitarian Thought Same the World Over

April 18th, 2008
The various protests which accompanied the Olympic torch through Western countries have, it seems, really irked not just the Chinese government but also the Chinese citizenry 'Lots of Chinese people now view the Western media, human rights groups, an… more »

Speaking of Charleton Heston

April 16th, 2008
A thirty-six year old man was driving down 280 with his two children in the car, en route to pick up his wife, and apparently he ticked someone off because another car pulled up next to him and shot him. To death. With his two kids in the car. Yeah,… more »

What Inflation?

April 16th, 2008
Well, the dollar is at its lowest ever against the euro, and oil prices are the highest ever... but don't let that fool you. It's going to get worse. If you lived through the seventies I hope you liked them, because they're back. more »

Review: Small Favor

April 11th, 2008
Which really ought to be Small Favors, but of course that would not fit the series' "two word titles, both words the same length" theme. It's the latest in Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden novels. The fact that we purchased it on the day of release, in ha… more »