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Awareness of Horror

July 31st, 2008
Manitoba RCMP had no answers Thursday as to what prompted a man on a Greyhound bus to suddenly stand up and repeatedly stab his seatmate, behead him and carve up his body in front of horrified passengers. That catches your eye, doesn't it? Bleah! Psy… more »

Water Safety

July 30th, 2008
Sunday before last we took the 2 year old down to Lafayette reservoir to feed the ducks. We went out to the floating pier that we like best with a bag of over the hill Trader Joe's hamburger buns. Two southeast Asian guys were there fishing, or rather w… more »

Throw the Bums Out

July 29th, 2008
Well, Ted Steven was indicted for various provable crimes around the central crime of rampant bribery. Anyone who is surprised by this has the general intelligence or a rock or a Bush voter. Of course, Democratic lawmakers are often equally corrupt -… more »

Reviews: Iron Kingdom, The Worst Hard Time, Wanted, The Dark Knight, X-Files

July 28th, 2008
Back from Comic-Con. I'll blog about that in a bit. The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan - 7/10 I went to the book store looking for a sci-fi or fantasy novel, and as so frequen… more »

The Bloom is off the Rose

July 11th, 2008
Well, Obama voted "Yea" on the FISA / wiretapping / retroactive immunity bill. Damn. I admit, I had been enthusiastic about Obama for president. He seemed like a grown-up, a startling contrast to most other politicians: he panned the moronic gas-tax… more »