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Reviews: The Agony and the Ecstasy, The Day of Battle

October 9th, 2008
I've been reading quality books again recently. For no substantive reason I picked up The Agony and the Ecstasy, Irving Stone's biography of Michelangelo. Most folks who recognize the title are probably familiar with the movie starring Charleton Heston,… more »

Dreyer's Bland

October 6th, 2008
As far as ice cream goes, I'm a Ben&Jerry&Unilever man; this means that I'm accustomed to a generous helping of goodies in whatever goodie-infused ice cream I am eating. But B&J&U don't make a good tin roof sundae analogue, and I was… more »

Bailout Bill

October 2nd, 2008
I don't like it. I'm speaking here of the $100 billion of pork-added Senate version. I don't like it and I think the Democrats should tank it. 1) George Bush supports it, and he's toxic. Moreover, he tends to fuck up anything he touches; the odds are… more »