Archives for: May 2009

A Couple of Fun Thoughts

May 14th, 2009
Ruthlessly looted from Brad DeLong; one original to him, one he pilfered from Charles Stross: Stross: After processor performance (and by extension, memory density), the next factor we need to look at is bandwidth. Here, the physical limits are im… more »

Literary Luddism

May 14th, 2009
I have mixed feelings about the Kindle. On the one hand, I think that e-readers are probably the future. On the other hand, I like books. I like the form factor, I like having them lining the walls. I like the way they smell. It came out recently tha… more »

Surprise - Sucking Up to Your Enemies Doesn't Work

May 13th, 2009
Matthew Yglesias has probably the most lucid and succinct summation (which I have pasted below almost in its entirety) of my general feeling about the "death of the newspaper". I'd worry about it a lot more had newspapers not shown themselves - much lik… more »

Competetive Generosity

May 12th, 2009
We put up a hummingbird feeder, which is now in near-constant use by some Anna's hummingbirds and some black-chinned hummingbirds. Certainly a male of each species and female(s) of at least one - the females look very similar so it's hard to tell which… more »

Re-Start Trek

May 8th, 2009
So the new Star Trek film is clocking in at 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a very encouraging sign. For a more visceral and less cold, hard numeric take on a film I often refer to MaryAnn Johnanson, the Flick Filosopher; I did so this time an… more »