Uh Rgrt Nth'n

January 11th, 2010

Bigger than Cheeses is not a webcomic for everyone - in fact, it's aggressively not for everyone, and frequently quite tasteless - but I have to admit I am tickled by this one.

Poorly Justified Stereotypes

January 6th, 2010

When the baby is asleep with both arms thrown up above his head - a remarkably cute posture - my wife and I call it "French sleeping position".

Dramatic Removal

December 30th, 2009

Chuckle of the day:

There was recently an article about towns in the midwest having problems with their LED traffic lights, in that LED traffic lights emit very little heat and thus are not removing their own snow (which incandescent bulbs did). Thus traffic lights are being covered with snow, which can be a serious problem particularly if only some of the lights at an intersection are covered up.

In the commentary about this article, there was the following gem:

"Not a problem.

My town mistakenly ordered IED lights. These remove their own snow."

Rule #9

December 23rd, 2009

From this point forward, and also retroactively, all commentary to posts on this blog (and any linked post appearances such as on Facebook) are instructed to observe Commentary Rule Nine. For those unfamiliar with Rule #9, which is not surprising as I am coining it at the moment, here it is:

Commentary Rule #9: Assume reasonableness

Which is to say, do not make observations or ask questions based on the premise that the poster is unreasonable or foolish. Assume that anything obvious which is left unsaid is unsaid because it is obvious, not because the poster did not realize it. Do not extrapolate to ridiculous extremes because said extremes were not explicitly precluded. Do not use overly broad interpretations when what is being discussed is clearly but only implicitly circumscribed.

This applies only to posts which do not invite unreasonableness by being obviously unreasonable, such as rants and other forms of humor by excess. Those are clearly fair game for equal reciprocation.

Were I to state that I prefer to take my shirt off by lifting from the collar, rather than the hem, it would be a violation of Rule #9 to ask "Even button-down shirts?"

Were I to state that Republicans are continually seeking to weaken consumer protections, it would be a violation of Rule #9 to reply "But what about Theodore Roosevelt?"

As mentioned, this rule is hereby in effect for this blog. You are also at liberty - nay, encouraged to - invoke rule #9 for your own exposition, in any format.

And of course, this post itself is subject to Rule #9.

I do want to hear from you and I do give a damn about your opinion (well, most of you), but if I wanted to write small print to cover every eventuality I would have been an attorney.

Polar Opposite

December 21st, 2009

I like Christmas decorations. I try to make time every year to drive around in the evening and enjoy people's Christmas lights. I enjoy public trees, and storefront signs, and faux reindeer antlers on cars.

So it would normally be a good thing that the office building in which my office is located takes it upon themselves to put up some nice Christmas decorations, including 6 trees with fake presents, a giant wreath, etc.

Except that prominent among their Christmas decorations are several very large white-sprayed styrofoam Emperor penguins.

Penguins! For Christmas!

I would very much like to slap whoever thought that penguins had anything whatsoever to do with Christmas. What, they come from a land of ice and snow and must therefore be seasonal? Are llamas seasonal? How about Tibetan monks? (i.e., lamas). Oh look, walruses! Eskimos! John Carpenter's 'The Thing'! It must be Christmas!