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Black People and Gay Marriage

May 7th, 2009
So I note that the Washington, D.C. city council voted 12 to 1 to recognize same-sex marriages (performed in other states). One of the interesting angles on this development is to remember that Washington, D.C. is a majority black (55.6%) city. And d… more »

Dow 6,700

March 3rd, 2009
Well, my prediction of a January bounce appears to have been wholly incorrect, but my accompanying prediction of a subsequent collapse seems downright prescient. When the market had its first dizzying one-week plummet late last year we yanked more or le… more »

Embracing Failure

January 26th, 2009
Lots of things have me rolling my eyes and/or spluttering in anger today, but this one seemed worthy of mention. Apparently, the over-budget and behind-schedule reconstruction of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge may be using defective Chinese steel. (… more »

Nationalize them already!

January 20th, 2009
Get this: RBS, worth £75 billion only two years ago, is now valued at £4.5 billion, even though it received £32 billion from taxpayers and shareholders less than three months ago. (from the Times Online) Now look. I have a degree in economics a… more »

Economic Prediction for 2009

January 6th, 2009
I've been telling people recently that I expect the Dow Jones to climb to just shy of 10,000 by the later part of January, then to drop more or less steadily through June. And when I say "telling people" I mean my wife and son. But she's a PhD econom… more »