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Lifted from Slashdot

March 10th, 2010
@F3rm4t "I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this, but Twitter 140 chars lolol" more »

Gun thoughts

March 8th, 2010
I was reminded a moment ago of the video game Syndicate, about which I have fond memories. As a the rising star of a ruthless corporation in a cyberpunk future - back when cyberpunk was a genre with impetus - you orchestrated the kidnapping of random ci… more »

Uh Rgrt Nth'n

January 11th, 2010
Bigger than Cheeses is not a webcomic for everyone - in fact, it's aggressively not for everyone, and frequently quite tasteless - but I have to admit I am tickled by this one. more »

Dramatic Removal

December 30th, 2009
Chuckle of the day: There was recently an article about towns in the midwest having problems with their LED traffic lights, in that LED traffic lights emit very little heat and thus are not removing their own snow (which incandescent bulbs did). Thus… more »

One of Those Mornings

December 17th, 2009
Got to the BART parking lot squarely in the middle of my usual time window. Drove around and around up to the seventh floor, where the parking generally is at 8 in the morning. Noted that the lot was emptier than usual, probably on account of the holida… more »