Category: Humor

Suspect Win

December 16th, 2009
I am a big fan of failblog (, not .com!) in general; and Suspect Win is simply too awesome not to be shared. more »

Natural Outflow

December 12th, 2009
I've had live Christmas trees for enough years that I know they need lots of water. However, our tree this year seemed exceptionally thirsty, requiring refills of the basin twice a day. Sure, the house air is dry, and my son tries to keep the lights on… more »

Pussification of the American Male, part CCLIX

December 6th, 2009
WARNING: Profanity-laced rant! We went to buy our Christmas tree today, at a local lot whose proceeds benefit some high school swim team or something. As usual, when looking around the lot all the trees have obvious flaws, and when one gets home and… more »

Our Insert Here Overlords

September 25th, 2009
Matthew Yglesias has a nifty observation about container port automation at the port of Hamburg (with picture): The part of my brain that’s familiar with economic history and models tells me that this automation is pushing the production frontier o… more »

The Deep Neon Green Sea

September 16th, 2009
Jasona pointed me to an article about a recently discovered sunken ship full of toxic and/or nuclear waste, one of many sunk by an Italian crime syndicate as a nice revenue source. A company pays them to dispose of hazardous materials, which are of cour… more »