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Affordable Housing

December 30th, 2008
Five bedroom, 3.5 bath house. Hardwood floors, full basement, garage. $8,995. The catch, of course, is that it's in Detroit. And if you have some time on your hands, I highly, highly recommend perusing Detroitblog. Fascinating photojournalism o… more »

Diablo With Snow

December 18th, 2008
It's snowing as we speak up on the devil's mountain (or, according to some, the devil's thicket); an infrequent but not startling occurance. So there may be more impressive levels of the white stuff up there in the near future. But as I waited at the… more »

Fried Chicken and Cucumbers

December 15th, 2008
So, I was reading Brad DeLong's blog, and he links to Matthew Yglesias, who links to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who says that white people eat cucumber sandwiches. Which is fine. I keep hoping for a world where we can bring up racial stereotypes and all have… more »

"Huh." part XLVII

December 9th, 2008
You cannot tickle yourself. Apparently, part of what makes tickling ticklish is surprise. If you try to tickle yourself, your brain - which is, after all, doing the finger moving - knows in advance what sensations to expect, and is not surprised. more »

Better not be slow-churned...

December 3rd, 2008
If a pint of vanilla ice cream were to hit the earth traveling at 99% the speed of light, it would release energy equivalent to approximately 50 megatons of TNT, the same size as the Tsar Bomba, the largest hydrogen bomb ever exploded. Mmm, ice cream. more »