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The Dwindling Party

September 17th, 2008
At the start of 2008 - that's nine months ago - the five largest U.S. investment banks were: Morgan Stanley (founded 1935) Goldman Sachs (founded 1869) Merrill Lynch (founded 1914) Lehman Brothers (founded 1850) Bear Stearns (founded 1923)… more »


September 5th, 2008
I have never in my life used illegal drugs. No marijuana, no ecstasy, no nothing. Did nitrous once or twice, but that's abuse of a legal substance, and frankly I got nothing out of it and wouldn't recommend it over, say, lying around staring at the ceil… more »

The History of University Lectures

August 28th, 2008
Good post over at Brad DeLong's blog today about the origin of Big University Lectures. # A manuscript hand-copied book back in 1000 cost roughly the same share of average annual income as $50,000 is today. # Hence if you have a "normal" college--ei… more »

Random Daily Post

August 8th, 2008
Well, it looks like the SovietsRussians have invaded Georgia, or the Georgians have invaded Georgia, or something. Let's hear it for big countries invading smaller countries. My Ukranian coworker says it's to stop Georgia from getting mixed up with NATO… more »

Reviews: Dead Until Dark, Old Man's War

August 5th, 2008
Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris - 5.5/10 I was all set to like this book. At Comic-Con I attended the True Blood panel, about the forthcoming HBO series based on Charlaine Harris' series of vampire mystery novels. It seemed good, being directed by… more »