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What have we got here?

February 15th, 2010
I was entertaining the baby yesterday, and flipped the television over to VH1 (I entertain the baby, the teevee entertains me), discovering a portion of a Behind the Music about Judas Priest. During the course of the show, they discussed Rob Halford's s… more »


December 8th, 2009
One of the side benefits of listening to Rammstein is that it improves my admittedly feeble German vocabulary. New from 'Leibe is für alle da': Haifisch = Shark Einschalten = Energize/Switch On I have to say, though I love English and can e… more »

Sic Transit KWOD

July 28th, 2009
I have been a long-time listener to KWOD 106.5, based in Sacramento. They've been reliable for years in finding the best new music during the current dearth of anything really good. In the last couple of weeks, however, I noticed when I flipped the… more »

The bleh of discovery

August 13th, 2008
My grandfather worked for the US Forest Service. He spent most summers of his working life tramping around the Sierra Nevada mountains, uprooting gooseberries or overseeing construction or surveying roads etc etc. So one day he's out in the high Sier… more »