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The Jinx, Part Two

January 31st, 2011
So, less than a week after the prior post, the machine hosting suffered a fatal motherboard failure. I purchased a new "el cheapo" machine to be the server (the previous server, a Dell, had cost ~$300, and replacing the motherboard would ha… more »

The Jinx

August 25th, 2010
Well, it looks like is finally back on the 'net. We were living in a corporate apartment for the month of July, and then although the FiOS got turned on promptly at our house in the beginning of August, it took a few weeks and a fair amount… more »

Double-Edged Microbe

April 12th, 2010
I'm reading Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself, which is a rather good "gritty" fantasy novel, and in the course of thinking about the world he's created I put together two ideas which I think combine to make an interesting fantasy novel setting. One… more »

Not with a Bang but a Crackle and some sort of 'Bamf'

March 30th, 2010
Forget all this claptrap about the world ending in 2012; the world is actually going to end in 2013. That 2012 date is stupid, anyway - so the Mayan calendar is coming to an end. Oh no! It's December! The calendar is ending! Midnight on December 31 is c… more »

But who was his barber?

March 22nd, 2010
When going to a new barber, or embarking upon a new hairstyle, one oft-invoked option is to bring with oneself a photo of a model or celebrity displaying the desired hairstyle. Of course, this works poorly if the model in question has very different hai… more »