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Reviews: Star Trek, Up, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

July 17th, 2009
Star Trek - 8/10 Star Trek was fun. Where it really excelled was, I think, the characters - the actors really captured the essence of these long-familiar characters without in any way aping or attempting to channel the actors who portrayed them origi… more »

Re-Start Trek

May 8th, 2009
So the new Star Trek film is clocking in at 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a very encouraging sign. For a more visceral and less cold, hard numeric take on a film I often refer to MaryAnn Johnanson, the Flick Filosopher; I did so this time an… more »

Reviews: Coraline, Revelation, India after Gandhi, Watchmen

March 18th, 2009
Coraline - 8/10 I really enjoyed Coraline. Not an ambitious film but very well executed, and replete with the odd, imaginative touches that are a hallmark of Neil Gaiman's work. The story is simple but elegant; I particularly appreciated the realism of… more »

Reviews: Benjamin Button, Shakespeare: The World as Stage

January 22nd, 2009
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 8/10 This was a movie about a life. It was very well written, well acted, and exceptionally well filmed - although the young/old (or is that old/young?) Benjamin Button smacked a little bit of Peter Jackson's Gollu… more »

Movie Reviews: Milk, Gran Torino

January 5th, 2009
Happy New Year! Milk 8/10 This film is topping many critics' lists for the best film of 2008, and I agreee that it is in fact a very good movie. Sean Penn is excellent; all of the acting is superlative. The film does have a certain degree of one-si… more »