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Damn straight

April 26th, 2008
A 20-Point Letter of Protest Regarding the New 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons more »

It never fails

April 25th, 2008
Whenever I stay up late (either to play games or, like last night, to get some work done), my youngest wakes up in the middle of the night. Typically about 1-2 hours after I finally go to bed. Every time. I have no idea how she does this. more »


April 22nd, 2008
Many years ago, when I was in college, I took a trip up through Marin during Thanksgiving break. I passed this place, and almost stayed in the motel next door to it. The motel was pretty damn nasty, though, and, obviously, haunted by restless spirits.… more »

G.I. Joe

April 18th, 2008
Even when I watched the G.I. Joe cartoons as a kid, I realized that they were dumb. My friends and I always mocked how the characters would jump out of a burning airplane right before it crashed, and their parachutes would pop open. Thirty feet off the… more »

Speaking of jokes

April 17th, 2008
I watched part of the Democratic candidates' debate last night. I didn't watch it all, because I had other things to take care of, but I wouldn't have, anyway, because the questions that I saw were %&@&! inane. Gibson and Stephanopoulos were… more »