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Book reviews

June 12th, 2008
One problem with being an avid collector of books, but not a particularly fast reader, is that more and more often I'm finding that my interest in a book declines noticeably between the time I purchase the book and when I actually find time to read it.… more »

Fabricated "victory"

May 9th, 2008
So EA has "backed down" from their "The Customer is Always Guilty" security scheme, reverting to the "Prove That You're Not a Thief" scheme. Now, while that is (arguably) better, I think that it's also untrue. People complained about the security ob… more »


May 2nd, 2008
I have a low tolerance for boring movies. I figure that if I'm going to spend 1.5 or more hours watching something, than it has to be better than 1.5 hours spent doing something else that's fun and/or productive (video games, house projects, reading, et… more »

G.I. Joe

April 18th, 2008
Even when I watched the G.I. Joe cartoons as a kid, I realized that they were dumb. My friends and I always mocked how the characters would jump out of a burning airplane right before it crashed, and their parachutes would pop open. Thirty feet off the… more »

Doing a bit of testing (with BRS)

April 10th, 2008
Let's see if this works: [video:youtube:jma0Rjdcmgc&amp] Blood Red Shoes - "Say Something, Say Anything" more »