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Random Music Recommendation

February 18th, 2009
I really like this band right now, but I'm a bit afraid that I'll turn on them in the near future. I often feel that way, though, so I'll just go with the recommendation: Ume, who apparently everyone else is just discovering, too. (Ok, yes, that is… more »

Random Music Recommendation

February 6th, 2009
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Jangly, somewhat shoegazery, somewhat melancholy (but not mopey) indiepop that sounds more cohesive and polished than garage rock, but isn't at all overproduced. more »

Incredibly late movie reviews!

February 5th, 2009
The good: 28 Weeks Later: Not quite as good as 28 Days Later, mostly because I knew exactly what was going to happen. But it was still fun, and damned if it doesn't start with a wonderfully frantic Zombie Swarm of Doom scene. The not-really-bad:… more »

Random Music Recommendation

January 14th, 2009
And yet, wholly expected: Neko Case, "People got a lotta nerve" more »

Notes while playing Fallout 3

December 23rd, 2008
Despite the fact that Fallout 3 disappointed Oso and left him depressed, despondent, and unable to trust a video game ever again (I'm inferring a bit, here), I'm currently playing the game, and largely enjoying it. Of course, I haven't reached t… more »