Category: Music

Now I just have to wait...

June 30th, 2008
In short order, I fulfilled my two-concerts-a-year quota: and It was the second that caused some amount of internal debate. On the one hand...well, it's My Bloody Valentine, isn't it? That's a pretty strong argument. On the other, I don't kno… more »

Doing a bit of testing (with BRS)

April 10th, 2008
Let's see if this works: [video:youtube:jma0Rjdcmgc&amp] Blood Red Shoes - "Say Something, Say Anything" more »

Classic rock to keep you moving

March 7th, 2008
And by that I mean "moving you from here to someplace else." Some classic rock satellite radio station is piped into the men's locker room at my gym. Now, in general, I'm tired of classic rock. I've heard it. I've moved on. Yes, sure, I won't object… more »