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Something I fail to understand

May 29th, 2008
I simply cannot understand how anyone could look back at the last 7-odd years and think, "Yeah, I want more of that." more »

And another thing...

May 19th, 2008
Another point that I wanted to make in my last post (hey, I got distracted by the beauty of my prose), was that ol' Newt is churning out the revisionist history of the Bush administration: Carter, like many outsiders who became president (including… more »


May 16th, 2008
I subscribe to Newsweek. Lately, I'm not sure why. (Ok, I'll be honest: Because they made it ridiculously inexpensive to do so.) First, I read George Will's columns, which should be titled "I'm Full of Shit, by George Will." He folds, spindles, and m… more »

Speaking of jokes

April 17th, 2008
I watched part of the Democratic candidates' debate last night. I didn't watch it all, because I had other things to take care of, but I wouldn't have, anyway, because the questions that I saw were %&@&! inane. Gibson and Stephanopoulos were… more »

A reasonable suggestion

April 8th, 2008
Caveat: I know enough about economics to get into trouble, but not enough to avoid having my eyes glaze over when someone whips out the really technical details about interest rates and trade imbalances and any curve more complex than the Supply-Demand… more »