Category: Politics

Have we hit the bottom of the barrel yet?

September 9th, 2009
"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is again blasting the Democrats health care proposal, this time in an editorial for the Wall Street Journal." Who f*&*!#g cares? Palin proved to be painfully unqualified to be Vice President, and then quit her job… more »

Quick response to an idiot

April 21st, 2009
From New York Magazine: “I’m not giving to charity this year!” one hedge-fund analyst shouts into the phone, when I ask about Obama’s planned tax increases. “When people ask me for money, I tell them, ‘If you want me to give you money, send a lette… more »

Food, poisonous food...

February 15th, 2009
Apparently, taking a loss by destroying tainted products and not poisoning people would be better for the long-term success of a company. Although, to be fair, after the criminally incompetent regulation we've seen over the last eight years (when we… more »

Conservative welfare

February 6th, 2009
I need to stop talking about politics for a while. It just annoys me. But sometimes I just can't resist, and I have a question: Why the hell are conservative pundits still getting work? Millions of people losing their jobs, and yet there's still a b… more »

And why should we listen to you?

January 7th, 2009
"He [Barack Obama] was rather critical during the campaign of some of the policies we pursued, for example, in terms of terrorist surveillance or interrogation of terrorist prisoners," Cheney said. "If I had advice to give it would be, before you sta… more »