Category: Technology

Things that make me happy

March 30th, 2009
We have a National Ignition Facility. Now home to the world's biggest laser. Obviously, big lasers are awesome things, of which I heartily approve. But I just really like the name National Ignition Facility. It's like nirvana for geek pyromaniacs. more »

What I've learned about Vista

October 20th, 2008
My experience with Vista so far can be summed up thusly: Vista: Only usable because Google exists. I'm an administrator. I have, in theory, all permissions required to do anything. So I have permission to edit a file. But I can't save the file. W… more »

Virii and the brain

October 17th, 2008
I've been suffering from a really nasty cold that one of my daughters brought home from school. Not quite the flu, but more than just the sniffles. I've got that wonderful "my head is packed with concrete" feeling, my throat is raw, my stomach is in kno… more »

Appliance gymnastics

August 20th, 2008
Our dishwasher is almost dead. At this point, it just sprays some water towards the dishes, and does a half-assed job of that. Any specks of food on the plates will remain on the plates. And since this appliance came with the house, one can safely assum… more »

Bastard lying devices

July 28th, 2008
Dan provides interesting, if annoying, truths. I certainly knew that the little "signal bar" display was almost meaningless, just from my own experience. Walk around inside my office, and you'll see the bars flicker all over the scale. Doesn't seem… more »