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Things that look like other things

June 30th, 2008
I was in a Wal-Mart recently, looking for something that they didn't have,"wandered by" the toy aisles. I ended up in front of a large display of Hot Wheels cars: 97 cents each! And yet, I resisted. Even at under a dollar, I don't need more… more »

Now I just have to wait...

June 30th, 2008
In short order, I fulfilled my two-concerts-a-year quota: and It was the second that caused some amount of internal debate. On the one hand...well, it's My Bloody Valentine, isn't it? That's a pretty strong argument. On the other, I don't kno… more »

The New-Fashioned Way

June 30th, 2008
We stayed at the cabin this weekend. On the family ranch down near Santa Cruz we have a cabin, built by my grandparents and extensively refurbished over the last few years by my mother and uncle. It's two rooms and a bathroom, running water and electric… more »

Reviews: Augustus, An Island to Oneself

June 30th, 2008
Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor by Anthony Everitt - 5/10 Fired up by Goldsworthy's Caesar, I followed with a biography of his successor. Sadly, where Caesar was triumphany, Augustus fell flat. Perhaps the sources are less insightful, perha… more »

Wipe Your Own Ass

June 23rd, 2008
Newsflash, people! If you don't use the entire packet of sugar (Holy shit! An entire packet of sugar? Hold it right there Diabetes Boy!), or the whole packet of non-dairy creamer, or you don't want to finish that belly-busting 1-oz sack of Cool Ranch… more »