SWEET BABY [insert a religious or scientific person of your choice]!!!

January 7th, 2010


The bridge! The captain's beard! The arrow-logo uniforms! The wave motion gun breech slamming closed! The theme song!

My inner 6-year-old is deliriously happy right now.

It's a movie that I'd actually go to a theater to see...and I know full well that it will never appear in a theater in the United States.

In which I learn something new, and horrible

January 6th, 2010

I used to believe that almost every creature in Australia was venomous. The few that aren't made out of poison have razor-sharp claws and/or fangs.

Apparently, even the very, very small number of Australian creatures that don't poison you or tear you into small chunks are just as horrifying: "Invading beetles mummified by stingless bees"

Since the bees can't sting the beetles, or spray them with poison, or acid, or boiling poisonous acid, they instead cover them with resin, mud, and wax and freaking mummify their enemies.

So even if you manage to escape from spiders, snakes, sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish, killer ants, drop bears, stampeding herds of fire camels (I'm sure I read about those somewhere)...you still have to avoid being caught and entombed forever by bees.

Dammit, Australia, you can stop now. We get it: You're an inhospitable land full of death, hideous death, and hideous death by mummification. You're like every monster movie from the 1950s, all lumped together and then multiplied by 1,000 and covered in venomous spines and claws and fangs.

You win Most Terrifying Continent. Again. The award is in the mail. Please do not send the ants to pick it up.

Poorly Justified Stereotypes

January 6th, 2010

When the baby is asleep with both arms thrown up above his head - a remarkably cute posture - my wife and I call it "French sleeping position".

Even more metal

January 6th, 2010

So Christopher Lee is recording a metal album (or at least a metal-like album) about Charlemagne. Obviously, that's pretty awesome.

But you know what would be completely, utterly awesome? Capital-A Awesome? Or, mostly likely, even more awesome than mere words could hope to describe?

A metal concept album with Christopher Lee and William Shatner.

With Leonard Nimoy.

You're welcome.

Dramatic Removal

December 30th, 2009

Chuckle of the day:

There was recently an article about towns in the midwest having problems with their LED traffic lights, in that LED traffic lights emit very little heat and thus are not removing their own snow (which incandescent bulbs did). Thus traffic lights are being covered with snow, which can be a serious problem particularly if only some of the lights at an intersection are covered up.

In the commentary about this article, there was the following gem:

"Not a problem.

My town mistakenly ordered IED lights. These remove their own snow."