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Belgians Aren't All Bad

May 21st, 2008
Well dang. I've spent years developing a nice, healthy anti-Belgian bias. I met some really cool Belgians while traipsing around Europe, but I spent way too much time stuck in Brussels to really forgive. The damn Belgians are so uptight about the… more »

Have You Considered Jesus?

May 20th, 2008
One of the joys of a flexible schedule and working from home is the late-morning doorbell. It could be a neighbor asking for a jump because her car's headlights turn on by themselves, randomly. I could open the door on a disadvantaged kid trying t… more »

Pot → Kettle, Albedo = Zero

May 6th, 2008
The First Lady decides to blow our minds with a stunning display of hypocrisy: "The response to the cyclone is the most recent failure of the [Myanmarese*] regime to meet its people's basic needs," Bush told reporters. Anything the B… more »