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Sludge of the Gods

August 25th, 2008
Marmite is the bomb! I'm not quite sure what about being the bomb is good, but my old white dude's pop-culture filter is stuck somewhere in the 90s and it assures me that I have the idiom correct. Having a Kiwi mom made Marmite unavoidable. As a k… more »


August 25th, 2008
Oakland has been suffering from a high-profile crime wave recently. Instead of the usual, mundane "man shot and killed in the Fruitvale" incidents, they now have bands of armed thugs hitting restaurants and businesses, sometimes right before closing,… more »

I Am Insane

August 21st, 2008
...but some of you already knew that. I purchased a drill press some years ago. Nothing beats a drill press for drilling many perfectly aligned holes in just about any material. Well, I know of lots of tools that beat a drill press, but I need… more »

Georgia on My Mind

August 19th, 2008
So the Russians are busy defending their citizens in a neighboring country. Also, as secondary considerations, they don't want Georgia to join NATO or to provide a bypass for oil to the West. Really, who can blame the Russians for poking around in… more »

In the Hands of Babes and Sucklings

August 12th, 2008
Newsflash: Teenagers are generally stupid and dangerous.I know that I did some pretty stupid and dangerous crap when I was a kid.Either I was lucky or not stupid and dangerous enough, so I managed to make it past my 25th birthday without wrapping my car like a pretzel* around a telephone pole.Listening to the stories my dad tells of his youth, he was just damned lucky.Now we must endure the local coverage, the tributes to two saints who died: A. On the cusp of embarking on their new life after graduating high school. B. On the cusp of entering their final year of high school to then jump off from that upcoming cusp into a promising new life.Such a tragic accident.Balls. more »