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October 22nd, 2008
My most recent copy of American Rifleman magazine arrived this week with a special extra cover. The NRA wants me to vote McCain/Palin. Shock. Surprise. I enjoy reading about how annoyed and betrayed many Republicans feel about McCain's candidac… more »

The Moderne Age

October 17th, 2008
My parents in rural Washington State just got DSL service for the same price as their crappy dial-up service. I'm happy for them. more »

Healing the Burns

October 15th, 2008
I'm disinclined to spend money on any electronic equipment with the brand "Sony" on it. I bought my first CD player in 1989. It was a higher-end Sony model with all sorts of quaint bells and whistles, without which I never would have been able to end… more »

From Satan's Dank Fundament

October 8th, 2008
I can't take it any longer. The tedious screaming pedant in me claws at my gall bladder for escape. I usually keep him tied down, even if the bindings are the lightest of cellophane wraps. Pedantry and pleasing social interaction don't mix very… more »