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November 14th, 2008
Yeah. The only thing good about that movie was Francesca Annis. Damn. Actually, I'm thinking of saffron. Delicate threads of vivid color plucked from crocus flowers by the deft fingers of Kashmiri virgins. And it's freaking expensive. I've alwa… more »


November 4th, 2008
Now all he has to do is avoid the Curse of Jimmy Carter and being assassinated. It's all very inspirational and I appreciate how the world's estimation of the United States has instantly jumped. But a lot of my countryfolk are crazy-assed mofos.… more »

George Washington

November 3rd, 2008
We finally chopped down the dead cherry tree in our back yard. When we moved to the house in '99, the tree produced some fine fruit. I'm crazy for just about anything edible and cherry. The next couple of seasons, the birds clued in and got most o… more »