Category: Musings

I Am Insane

August 21st, 2008
...but some of you already knew that. I purchased a drill press some years ago. Nothing beats a drill press for drilling many perfectly aligned holes in just about any material. Well, I know of lots of tools that beat a drill press, but I need… more »

Georgia on My Mind

August 19th, 2008
So the Russians are busy defending their citizens in a neighboring country. Also, as secondary considerations, they don't want Georgia to join NATO or to provide a bypass for oil to the West. Really, who can blame the Russians for poking around in… more »

The Wrong Sort

March 17th, 2008
My son is now playing T-ball. He loves it, which isn't saying much. Anything that involves a ball rivets him. Golf on TV leaves him transfixed. He's got really good hand/eye coordination, so he's pretty good at whatever he tries. He fears losing and doi… more »


March 13th, 2008
I watched a crow cawing the other day in the office parking lot. The black bird looked lonely or mournful and I had a pang of sympathy. How often do you have sympathy for a crow? Not often I’d bet. Is it because they're black? Ubiquitous? Loud? Aggressi… more »