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High Resolution

So, it's New Year's Resolution time. This year, for whatever reason, marks the first year ever that I've actually held on to my New Year's resolution list until December. Mostly because this year's resolutions, unlike other years, included some that I actually KEPT. So here's a rundown of 2001 Resolutions and their aftermath, followed by my 2002 resolutions:

Resolutions for 2001:

To purchase 2 CD's a month. At one point in my life I listened to music constantly and had a grip on what was out there. Somewhere I drifted away, and now I never listen and I have no idea what's worth listening to.

This was, by far, the best resolution I've ever made. One of the first little riders I added to this resolution was a NO NOSTALGIA rule. I was not going to just buy CD's of stuff I liked 10-15 years ago since I'd lost those albums, but instead I was going to delve into new groups, new genres, new musical experiences. Some of this included buying old music that was mostly new to me, but had been around for a decade or two. All the same, this made for a much finer quality of life. Working at home for the past few years, the background noise in 2000 was CNN, Ricki Lake, and reruns of Babylon 5. The major background noise in 2001 was Orbital, VNV Nation, and MC Hawking. Enough said.

To spend less time parked in front of a computer. To get my work done earlier in the day and in a more compact period of time so I can turn the fucking thing off and go interact with the rest of the world.

Oh, how I failed this one. I didn't even attempt it. Who was I even kidding when I thought of this? Oh sweet computer, I'm sorry I spoke of you so harshly. So sorry I compared you and your joys disfavorably to the cold outside world of flesh, bone, and vegetation. The yellow face, it burns us. It burns us, my precious. Can I make it up to you if I play MORE games with you? Perhaps buy you a bigger monitor?

To get that shoulder operation. Woo hoo! Except the recuperation time throws a monkey wrench into my next two resolutions, initially planned for january and february.

Mission accomplished on this one, on February 2nd. A fine resolution! A large step, cleanly defined, and promptly executed.

To spend one month living as simply and ascetically as I can without causing major personal trauma. Waking at dawn. Exercising religiously. Purge diet of refined sugars and caffeine. Daily meditation, followed by daily writing. That sort of thing.

Succeeded at this! But I won't go into detail, as regular Cant readers will have read too much on this when it happened last March. I may try this one again this year, just as a detox.

To spend the following month living as hedonistically as possible, without breaking any major wedding vows or getting arrested. Drinking, dancing, staying out late, ingesting odd chemicals.

This was ALMOST entirely a failure, as I wasn't terribly hedonistic at ALL. Out of this, however, began a habit of attending the Blue Lagoon's Goth night every other Monday, which sponsored an interest in all sorts of new (to me) music. When 2001 began, I didn't know who Apoptygma Berzerk was. Now that it's December, I know they're the bubblegum, sold-out end of the Goth spectrum, and that I'm just a little bit lame for enjoying them. By the end of 2002, I could even rise from a wanna-be goth-come-lately to a fully accredited Poseur Goth. One can only hope.

Oh, and to get my resolutions completed before New Year's, instead of a week into January.

Ok! Here they are:

Resolutions for 2002:

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