Cindy - Column for 3/15

Two Dogs

I have this dog. I love him dearly, but he's spoiled and doesn't really listen to me if I'm telling him to do something he doesn't want to do. Actually, sometimes he doesn't listen to me if I'm telling him to do something he wants to do, just because he enjoys the feeling of independence. He's a large purebred and he sleeps on our bed. It's where he belongs.

Now, for the past week, I've also been taking care of my father-in-law's dog. This dog is NOT spoiled. This is a dog who was found abandoned as a puppy beside a roadside motel in Wyoming. While I don't attribute him any grand powers of observation, he's clearly aware of the odds against being left in the middle of rural Wyoming and spontaneously adopted into a comfortable suburban household. He is nothing if not grateful. He's small, he's a mutt, and if you pick him up and put him on our bed he'll jump off instantly. Sleeping on the bed would be above his station.

Each of these dogs are interesting character studies on their own, but I think watching them interact has taught me more about Class warfare than any ten college courses put together.

Things I've noticed:

Somewhere in this last observation is the key to World Domination. I'm sure of it.

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