Red - Column for 11/15

Perfection Pending

I just set up a companionable side by side manicures for a friend and myself on Saturday, along with a few other beautifying activities. The goal was to set up a spa day; two girlfriends getting pampered and sipping herbal tea. We are both new to the area, so I was appointed the person to find the day spa and get us appointments. I was only partially successful in achieving that goal. I spent too much time trying to pick out a place to go, and looking at the bewildering selection of available services. You can have your body scrubbed with body polish, sugar, or sea salt, exfoliated, and covered in hot oil or some other herbal hydrating body mask or have “Hungarian” mud mask or have seaweed slathered on you and then be “wrapped.” With that last one I have clearly spent too much time in the Bay area, because somehow to me a seaweed wrap sounds like something on the menu of a trendy vegetarian burrito shop.

The decisions on what kind of facial to have are easily as daunting. There are alpha hydroxy facials, and hydrating facials, oxygenation facials, European facials, ones with citrus, mud, seaweed, vitamin C, or glycolic acid (now doesn’t that sound appealing). “Would you like aromatherapy and massage with that alpha-free-radical-hydrating-oxygenation-citrus-European-mud-mask facial?” It makes the decision to have a paraffin treatment with my pedicure seem so last century. Oh, and you can get your lashes dyed, eyebrows waxed, arm hair bleached, and, of course, your hair cut. Actually, anywhere you might consider having hair, they will gleefully bleach it, color it, cut it, or rip it out for you for a charge…Wow!…all these decisions could make a girl tense…maybe I will need that massage.

Basically, I spent way too much time puzzling over day spas comparing prices, services, locations and “feel.” So, when I had finally narrowed one down, they didn’t have an appointment to take us both at the same time for facials, which, to be honest, I am less than wholly disappointed about. Now that I have gone through all the hassle of locating a place, we should be able to set up a second spa day with very little hassle. I can ease into this pampered lifestyle gently, first a manicure, then who knows, maybe I will go for that alpha-free-radical-hydrating-oxygenation-citrus-European-mud-mask facial and work up to the salt-scrub-hot-oil-seaweed-mud-wrap-herbal-body-polish body treatment eventually.

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