Red - Column for 11/29

Bippity Boppity Boo

Sorry about not having a column up last week. I was lounging around with a full belly late on the evening of Thanksgiving, when I suddenly thought “Hay it’s Thursday, isn’t it…Whoops!”

I had connived to use this Thanksgiving trip out to the west cost to introduce my mother to my prospective in-laws. They are all nice people, and so I figured they would get along. Thankfully, they did. Loyal readers may or may not remember that the mother of the groom is actually organizing the wedding. This is because, my intended and I now live on the opposite coast, and my mother has a deep fear of organizing a wedding.

So the upshot was that with all the major players there, we had lots of wedding details to go over. We looked at catering menus, made lists of invitees, talked music, and went shopping for a dress…. That was an interesting experience, it is such a public ritual. I had my mother, the groom’s mother, and the groom’s sister, sitting in chairs, and I had a sales lady to dress me. I would flounce out in an enormous variety of poofy dresses, and go stand on a pedestal, in front of angled mirrors, so that everyone could see the dress. The pedestal was particularly important for me, because I’m so short, that if you wanted to see the lacy bits on the bottom of the dress, I had to go stand on something. The audience, including random bystanders, would then comment on the dress and how it looked on me, and then the sales lady/official dresser would help me put on another dress.

It was also interesting the biases that come out, while looking for a wedding dress. There was only one real consensus; I look better in pure white than in off white, ivory or cream. After trying on more than twenty dresses, three top picks emerged (I’m only going to talk about two). But we could not agree on a rank ordering of these dresses. Now, I have always gravitated toward clean simple lines in clothing. So my favorite was the simple white dress I think of as the “Grace Kelly” dress. It had graceful lines, strapless, with a sweeping full skirt, and not a single sequin. My least favorite of the three, was the classic top-of-the-cake confection of a bride’s dress, with swoops of chiffon, embroidery, and lots of lace…with my hair piled up and long gloves it would look… well… exactly like the dress Cinderella wore to the ball. This of course was both mothers’ favorite. The wedding-cake dress was also the favorite of the sales lady/dresser, who thought the “Grace Kelly” dress would be good for a second wedding. It was also the consensus favorite of the various passers-by who stood in the background and added their opinions to the mix. I was being ganged up on. The loan voice of support for my favorite was the groom’s sister.

Needless to say we didn’t actually buy any of them. We went in intending to buy something, but I didn’t want to be talked into a dress that needed a pumpkin carriage, and glass slippers to complete the outfit.

I do, however, already have the handsome prince. :-)

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