Sound and Fury - Column for 10/17

Just Nothing

It's been ages since I wrote anything, so I might as well babble incoherently about nothing. If you have something better to do, go do it.

Now that I'm alone, I can STILL whine about the way the world has changed. Well, my world at least. Most directly, my fear of death has become as close as my underwear. The very real possibility of me wheezing to death from anthrax or, falling thousands of feet from a flying fireball run through my mind a lot. However, it gives me a slightly new focus and perspective. After I landed in Chicago the other week (the flight before the 'tard went screaming up the aisle trying to "save" the passengers by landing in Sears tower), I was so happy to be alive, to be able to get things done. To live life to the fullest. Well, to live life at all. I went to bed one night thinking "Well, if I die now, it would suck because I didn't get to do all the stuff I wanted to do, but I did SOME of the stuff I wanted to do." And then I was either satisifed with that or I got too tired to dwell any longer and fell asleep.

But at the same time, an eternity of oblivion seems like a paltry reward for any of the good things I've done (or punishment for the bad things). I reconfirmed my desire to live past 100.

Iron Maiden is a great band, you know?

Told you you should have done something else.

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