Sound and Fury - Column for 9/12

Words, Worlds, and Woe

In a way, I am sorry my column is up now. I wish I were more eloquent. I wish I were more visionary, more inspiring, more competent, to use this small virtual podium to say something...well, to say something good.

I am sure you all, by now, "know". Something happened today that is so big, so shocking, that you can answer the telephone with a "We're alright" instead of the usual "hello". The repercussions of today's attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are going to be felt as long as our culture exists in its current form. The video images, the sound bites, the panic, the story of where you were and what you were doing when you heard of the attack will be etched in your head from now on. I have not even grasped the grief those who know someone who was involved must feel. You will tell your children, your grandchildren. It is sad that the events of today are being written in Destiny's tome. I only know that the book is not over yet.

I wish to express my sorrow and condolences, and big virtual hugs to everyone out there who was involved, or knows someone who was involved, in the attacks today. I especially also give a salute to our fearless leader, Karl, and his charming counterpart, Kathleen, for enduring what I am lucky I did not have to endure. What a welcome to their new home. What a welcome.

I would also wish to stress sanity. There is probably a lot of rage going on now. The enemy is unseen, unknown, shadowed. In the chaos, we might forget that our local Pakistani grocer, our Lebanese co-worker, even our Islamic next door neighbor, are probably just as shocked, jut as stunned, and probably just as frightened, as we are. Please. Think.

Finally, for your sanity: turn off CNN. Turn off NPR. Close the Reuters webpage. Take a few moments. Take some time to think, to pray, if you wish, but at the very least, take a moment to realize that you have a moment. The sun will rise tomorrow, as sure as we will survive and persevere.

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