Sound and Fury - Column for 9/19

I'm Not Over It Yet

Well, duh, who is? Only now, I am confused. Confused, and scared. In wham-bam fashion, these are some thoughts I've had since Terrible Tuesday:

I am going to die in an anthrax attack on Los Angeles.

One of the many emails going around says that CNN used old footage from 1991 to show Muslims celebrating the WTC attack. According to the email (from a guy in Brazil--as if that's a reliable source), they were really celebrating our support of Kuwait. True? I don't know.

I just got another email reprinting an article dated May 22 of this year by Robert Sheer (sp?), saying that the US gave the Taliban $43 million dollars because they stopped all opium from growing in their country, and America loves it when drugs don't grow. What was this money used for? Furthermore, according to the article, not allowing farmers to grow opium means that their farmers make even less money, and fall into deeper poverty (and ripe for oppression).

I know one person who suffered a loss from the attack: a good friend of this woman was on the plane that crashed outside Pittsburgh. I know many people stranded outside their hometowns, and a few that could either see the smoke from the attack or watched the WTC towers collapse from their office building in NY. But no one I know was killed or injured. How fortunate is that?

It may seem sick and morbid, but I am so proud, so...I don't know...honored, to know that before the passengers of United flight 93 (crashed outside Pittsburgh) VOTED before attacking the the last, they were democrats. No one ordered them to do it, no one forced them. They voted. Then they acted.

An old friend of mine (ex-girlfriend from high school, actually) gave birth to her third child, Sebastien, at 11:23am on Tuesday, September 11.

I sometimes imagine what it would be like to think that jumping off a 110 story building is better than burning to death.

I worry that we are entering a war we cannot win. There is no clear enemy. No clear enemy, no clear victory. To win the war against terrorism, we would have to be a country other than America.

For the first itme in perhaps years, I don't cringe when I see a house flying an American flag. Finally, I don't think of right wing jingoistic Christian Aryan racists.

I think Jerry Falwell is a complete whacko. Did he honestly believe that God put a Spell of Protection (I think that's level 7 cleric spell) over America?

I am worried that no one will want to see horror movies anymore, and my hopes of having a film career are REALLY screwed. I just can't do romantic comedies, man, I can't!!

I had to make plane reservations for LAX to Chicago, on American Airlines, the day after the attack. I also have to make reservations to Portland, Oregon, now (though I'm not too worried about that. I don't think people would hijack an LAX/Portland plane).

I would not mind sky marshals on flights AT ALL. Maybe they can prevent air rage as well. Though I would kinda like to see someone so pissed they leave a crap on the drink cart.

This event has so shaken me, and, I think, the world, that I think of time and events in terms of time as "pre-attack" and "post-attack".

I hope smarter people than me can figure these things out.

Finally, I really, really, really wish George W. Bush were not at the helm.

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