Sun Ra - Column for 2/17

Let it stop already

So, as you may have heard, we've had a really big snowstorm out here on the East Coast. Hoo boy. Have a look at my pictures.

Friday was Valentine's day. And, inasmuch as I'm recently married and still a big softie, I made special chocolates for my wife, got flowers, the whole bit. She in turn had taken a half day, so that we could go somewhere romantic for the three day President's day weekend. We'd planned a trip out to the Eastern Shore, to visit some of the scenic Chesapeake towns and just spend time getting away from things.

However, the weather people warned us that there was a REALLY BIG STORM on the way, a veritable STORM OF DEATH, and that we should stay home, huddled around the teevee, and pray. So we canceled our trip, and went to see Daredevil and have sushi instead.

By Saturday evening, I was becoming quite aggrieved with the weather forecasters, as although it had been technically snowing for a while, none of it had stuck. The roads were still black asphalt. We'd gone grocery shopping without incident. I was picturing us in some romantic hotel in Easton, out on the Chesapeake, whereas instead we were at home, watching worthless television.

Then we woke up on Sunday, and there were six inches on the ground. And it just kept snowing. It snowed all day, sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily. The snow kept mounting. We shoveled the walks and the driveway twice, and by nightfall there was another four inches on them both. Everything had shut down - restaurants, stores, everything. Having gone grocery shopping the previous day turned out to have been a very wise decision. For dinner, we had corned beef.

It was even thicker this morning, although the snow had stopped falling. More shoveling, more walks in the snow. No going anywhere except by foot. Frankly, it's kind of fun - even the shoveling - except that one does get a bit stir crazy. Especially when one is tired of all of one's video games.

I've also learned some interesting things, living through my first big snowfall. Let's see:

So it's been a learning experience. Sadly, the snow is super-powdery, preventing us from making a snowman. It's more like picking up soap powder than picking up sugar - it just crumbles and blows away in your hands. You can't even squish it into snowballs. I bet it would be perfect for skiing.

By the end of the week, it will mostly be gone. Rain is scheduled for Thursday, and temperatures reaching fifty degrees by Friday. Which, frankly, is probably the best way to have a big snowstorm. Here today, gone tomorrow.

I think I'll go play in it some more.

- Sun Ra

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