Sun Ra - Column for 7/16

In Absentia, pt.4

Home again. We were back in Madrid yesterday, and then flew out at 7:15 this morning for London. In London we caught the Virgin Atlantic noon flight to Los Angeles, and should be getting in about 3:30. Nothing like travelling with the earth, eh? I think I'll use the extra time for sleep. At this point, you are all happy drones of the Mule anyways. (Sorry, another Asimov reference.)

I get to sleep on the 16th and 17th, and then on the 18th I'm driving down to San Diego for five days at the Comic Con! Woo! And then, I get back on Monday and fly out to Baltimore on Tuesday to find a place to live! Whee! Go Ra Go! If August is not more sedate, I will combust.

Hopefully August will also allow for me to scan in some trip photos and input my trip diary. I recently leafed through my travel diary from my trip to Greece, and it's really quite astounding how much you forget.

Well, in the interest of having each of my 'In Absentia' columns be shorter than the last, I'll sign off here - I'm not sure, but my guess is it's nice to be back.