Sun Ra - Column for 7/29

I suppose I should begin this column with an acknowledgement of my recent lifestyle change - to whit, I got married this last Saturday (7/27/2002). At least, I did unless something went bizarrely wrong, like a meteor striking our officiant or something - I am writing this column the Wednesday beforehand, see. So let's just say the odds are really good that I'm married now. Thank you, thank you.

And the reason this column is prepared beforehand is, of course, that on the Monday it is published I'll be on my honeymoon, somewhere on the California coast. So entertaining you is not going to be foremost on my mind. Luckily, when I was idealistically setting up Cant a year and a half ago, I foolishly thought that people would write their columns perhaps weeks in advance, as though they had deadlines and were being paid! How prophetic that was! I'm lucky if I don't have to log into the machine and play with the dates to post my columns. Maybe the other columnists are better, I dunno. But at any rate, the technology is in place to submit columns over a month in advance, like some sort of mayfly time capsule. And that's what you're seeing here.

Of course, although I am writing this ahead of time, I'm certainly not industrious enough to have done so from home. No, I am writing this in a Red Roof Inn in Watsonville, which although it offers an Internet connection almost certainly charges some exorbitant rate for it, effectively leaving me without my most powerful research tool. (Not my only research tool, mind you. There's a reason my "office" is downstairs in the library. Besides the fact that it's cooler down there, and my mess is out of the way of K.s house guests.) Thus the column ideas I am batting around for a Fascism Checklist for the Bush Regime or a comparison of American industry consolidation and the rich/poor population split will simply have to wait. Don't be surprised if you see them later in August, though.

Ah, there we go. My Internet jonesing, which I'm sure will peak during the first few days of the honeymoon, reached a point such that I called the front desk and asked how much the in-room data port costs. $1.85 per minute. You wouldn't think such a thin cable could REAM YOU UP THE ASS so badly, would you? No, I can wait. I'll be at the Republic a few times over the next couple of days - after all, I have to post this. And then two weeks of no Internet. Twitch.

Seriously, though, I've found that vacations are actually distracting enough that I don't miss my computer too much. I like beaches and restaurants and strolling. In Spain I got along perfectly fine without for weeks at a time. Just gotta keep occupied...

- Sun Ra

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