jims - Column for 11/14


I suck. I am the pathetic worm that only gets partially squished after venturing out onto the sidewalk in the rain. My hero is the turkey that drowns with it's head in the bucket. Really. I am that pathetic. No Cant columns for a long time yet material to fill them with angst and griping. But, I am a mere worm afterall.

Bosses are interesting creatures. I have some good ones, I have had some bad ones, but rarely have I had a stupid one, until now. I can't really call him stupid in the sense of not having a brain. But he is one of those people that thinks in terms of very short even horizons. He can't think beyond the project at hand, and if you raise questions outside the scope, you are a bother and a distraction. Trying several different methods to communicate with such a person and failing all the time, well, maybe I am about as capable as a partially squished worm.

Speaking of worms. Worms like it moist and cool. They like to frolic in puddles after a rain. Finns, on the other hand, seem to enjoy very warm and dry activities. They like mixing them with work, with leisure, just whenever. I am, of course, referring to the Sauna. Sauna is quite important, most offsite business gatherings will incorporate Sauna. Take for instance, watching ice hockey. Hockey, in itself, can be exciting when there is a lot of violence and good play. The game I saw was not such. However, a beer and sitting in the Sauna watching the game, that was good. Spending nearly two hours in the Sauna, my Finnish colleagues proved surprised. Let's see a worm do that...

I wonder if worms would make a good bit of flavoring. As my esteemed colleague Harlock pointed out, he is broken - unable to eat chips without getting a headache. Be it Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, or Sour Creme and Onion, too much and a headache occurs. I personally take offense to this. Chips and the oil and salt that they provide are vital to our bodily nourishment. The calories are proving a boon to bodyweight all over the world - given enough growth maybe airline seats will get bigger and give me more room to relax. But on the case of chips, well, I shake my head and can only wonder if Mr. Halock was also a proponent of Olean.

Spending a significant time in another country, it is interesting to observe little things. For instance, I do not think I have seen any bugs here in Helsinki. None. No ants, no flys, no worms. It really was like being at Burning Man in that regard. As replacements, they seem to have Russians. Being close to St. Petersburg and the rest of Russia, it seems that a number of them come here. Women, it seems come for...professional work. I, personally, have no qualms either way what people do. But, being propositioned at what is otherwise a normal club, um, no thanks. I do say, though, watching such things proves quite amusing.

To continue on the topic of spending time in a foreign country. I really have not written much about this. Next week, I will do so. The reactions of Wanton Hussy to Paris - aside from having to deal with the French, which no one should have to do - got me thinking about this. But not enough to have a full column yet. For now, I present this assorted can of worms...

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