Today's column is a guest column by Zeke. - Ed.

Swollen Ego, Wasted Moment

What is it about performers? Is there something in their genetic makeup which will make them die if they dont' have an awards show every two months? There's the academy awards, the golden globe awards, the grammys, the daytime television awards, billboard music awards, mtv music awards and seemingly dozens of others, all of which seem to serve no apparent purpose except to give actors and musicians another opportunity for mutual ego masturbation.

I'm not against recognition for a good job, but like everything else they do, the entertainment industry overdoes this. It goes from being an opportunity to receive the acclaim of your peers to a glitzy, expensive, shiny popularity contest. Most awards shows don't even try to award quality; they just aim for whatever managed to grab the average man's attention, as though that's really something to strive for.

Actually, the worst thing isn't that performers and entertainers put on events like this. After all, I think that it requires a strange combination of ego and lack of self-confidence to become a performer. Other people's admiration and respect is what makes these peopel do what they do. What's really bad is how many otherwise intelligent people waste weeks of their time on this stuff and are glued to their TVs all night for the Oscars, and get truly upset when they don't agree with an award's recipient. They don't know the people on stage; they don't have any money or time invested in the movie/album/show that elicits these emotions; they don't get any awards themself, but they take it as a deep personal insult when whatever group make a 'wrong' decision.

But what do I know? I think watching sports on television is generally a waste of time too.