Columnist for Thursday, 5/24 - jims

Ramblings, Rumblings, and Grumblings

I am not quite sure where to start other than to say it has been a long week. Endless meetings, coworkers to now be referred to as former coworkers, perplexing decisions that are seemling based on whim are just a sampling of the three days that have so far made up this week. I work at a company, a fairly large one, they deal with those devices you talk into and have been alleged to cause brain cancer.

Big or small, the evolution of a company has a pretty standard path. When things are bad, some of the fat goes away, some of it will stay, and if you are really lucky things will get better. Management spends time attempting to answer questions and provide guidance on things that are still evolving. Withdrawn from the firing lines, or maybe new to the whole scene, answer are often vague at best.

In reality, things are pretty good. The powers that be are approachable and appear to have a head on their shoulders. There is excess cruft still around, I may even be directly affected by this cruft, but I'll cope. I have a job to do, I enjoy it, and most of this has been a giant waste of a lot of resources.

Those that now have a great deal more free time, were treated well, on the whole. My plane tickets were carefully stowed at home in the advent that I found myself with a wad of cash and no lack of time. The morning of, managers in early, my mind did briefly turn to thoughts of travel, just where could I go to spend the most amount of time while spending the least amount of money. While that hasn't happened, I still have my plane tickets.

Why do I protect the tickets? They are to provide three weeks in Europe, I will get to frolic about on the company, studio with senior yoga instructors, and get away for a bit. Meetings aren't that bad. The tickets are mine, and I am still going.

As things become ironed out and unfold, it will be interesting to see how the new team handles things, can they answer questions, or are we screwed, as an organization. Small parts of big companies that do not do well are easily stomped on. Stompage is not a bad thing, especially if the stompee is not making money.

But, as I said in the title, this is a lot of rambling and not particularly cohesive. Work is work, it doesn't take up as much of my life as it once did, but it is still there. I will hunker down, look at some bugs and do a bit of stompage of my own.

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