jims - Column for 7/26

It has been a couple of weeks since I have submitted a column here. For that, I should probably hang my head in shame. The fact is that I have been insanely busy. Life at the moment seems to consist of sleep, work, breaks for exercise (picture a giant hamster wheel), and the occasional drinking of alcohol with coworkers. Somehow in between all of this, I have a three week trip to Europe to prepare for and then ten or more days of camping and Burning Man upon my return. While busy, it has been relatively fun. So, that's my excuse for being delinquent. I hope to post the back columns (I had been writing) once they are cleaned up.


Driving home last night, I was listening to the radio, and what should I hear, but that some country is wanting to inspect their female nursing students for virginity. I have heard similar over the years about different countries. It turns out that the country in question was Turkey. Now, Turkey wants to be part of the West, yet seems to relish in attempting to pass laws comparable to what one may find in many a third world nation. It doesn't make much sense, but then again it is probably that religion and politics thing. On some level it is just sad.

Speaking of sad, also in the news yesterday there was a blurb on the headlines of CNN about the senior Senator from California. This woman in her tenure has pushed for strict gun controls, while at the same time carrying a concealed handgun illegally. Basically, she can be extremely hypcocritical. Her most recent gut reaction legislation? Limiting the number of drinks to two per person on a flight. Given my own, as well as the experiences of other columnists on plane flights of late, I can not begin to tell you what a lame ass idea this is. Her rational was to reduce air rage. Rather than examining the studies and figuring out the general causes of the problem (we will not mention frequently packed flights, poor customer service, lack of information, or an inability to keep to schedules), we have the gut reaction politics again.

Given that the Senator probably would be exempt from the regulations, or pack an illegal 40 in her hand bag, I see the move as pretty stupid. I don't drink much on planes, but a bit of alcohol can be helpful to help one sleep when on a long haul, for instance a transatlantic flight. Maybe ice chests will replace the second carry on bag of some people. Rather than outlawing alcohol, maybe they should prescribe e or prozac for rowdy customers (and stick children in pet carriers in baggage).

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