jims - Column for 9/13

Really, at this point, what is there to say? Personally, my heart and thoughts go out to those that have been affected over the past two days. But, if it is words you are looking for, I am sure every single possible combination has been said. News media have flapped their heads, you or maybe those you know have been scared wondering what will happen next, people on the ground are organizing and coordinating rescue and clean up, our President (really, it just does not seem appropriate to capitalize that word) has muddled his way through speeches, while maybe well written, are poorly delivered.

On some level, I am pretty sure it has all been said, so I may repeat myself. Things will change in this country, just how we really need to wait and see. I think praise does have to go out to the rescue crews, to the teachers that had to deal with children, to basically anyone helping out.

Given this is the US, there is of course the downside. Some of the first news of events after things settled a bit has not been particularly stellar. Arabs, both citizens and visiting foreign nationals, have been receiving threats and Mosques have been fired upon. Gas suppliers in parts of the country decided to try and raise rates through the roof, with parts of the midwest reaching $5/gallon. The news coverage was simply atrocious, for the most part -- I am not a fan of the 'random babble, speculate' for filler sort of news that we have.

What else really is there to say? Have I been affected? In some ways, yes. My main thoughts and concerns have been with how things would unfold after the tragedy, and that story is still being written.

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