jims - Column for 9/27

This coming weekend marks a somewhat interesting milestone in my life. It is one that many people attend, some look forward to it, some shy away from it, others just don't find out about it (and may wind up feeling snubbed). What is it? Simply my ten year high school reunion is an event I will be attending this coming weekend.

Personally, I am pretty ambivalent about attending. High school, for me, was neither traumatic nor fantastic. It was something I had to do, enjoyed pieces while disliking others. I had my friends, but more often associated with groups I know from other communities more frequently. So, I really do not have strong feelings. The one person that would make event worth attending, I really should just go to Texas to visit (since she is not coming out here). Texas, itself, has major problems.

So, come saturday, I will be donning my new duds and swaggering my way to the event venue. Having few expectations, it would be nice to be surprised. A friend that will be going with me is interested in seeing just how age has affected people. We won't be bouncy eighteen year olds anymore, some will have aged poorly, others less so. If nothing else it should prove an interesting status check on where I am in my life. Is that what this event is really for?

It really just does not seem that important. Given that most of my high school class was pretty friendly, there were cliques but most people still got along, thigns should be cordial at least. Have any of the ambitious sorts fallen by the way side? Has anyone achieved spectacularly in their life? Will it be like a fashion contest on one's achievements? If so, idle chit chat should be easy enough.

As the week winds down, my mind wanders but ambivalence remains. I know I will have fun, probably drink more alcohol, and see a number of people that I have not kept in contact with. Will there be any lingering result? Or is this just one of those speedbumps in life?

If nothing else, I will have a new suit. Nordstroms can be a dangerous place.

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