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Welcome to my home page. I'm a software professional living in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. I grew up in California's Central Valley, graduated from UC Berkeley in 1994, and received my MBA from UCLA in 2001. Most of my professional experience has been in software quality assurance. You can find my complete resume here.

I've been married since 2002 and my wife and I have two marvelous little boys; we spent the early naughties in the Washington D.C. area, returned to the Bay Area for five years, and then bounced back to near D.C. My wife is a professional economist, an incomparable spouse, and a wonderful mother.

History of the Domain

I created my first home page in 1994, using the Mosaic browser, and have had one more-or-less ever since. In 1997 I registered republic.org as a domain for a shared house I lived in in Santa Cruz, and it has since become my primary domain for more or less everything. Over time republic.org has hosted web pages, email accounts, CGI games that I have written, blogs and proto-blogs, and sundry other endeavours. It has gone through two operating systems and at least four separate cpu chasses, been hacked into twice, and lost two different hard disks. It also hosts bilawski.com, thecant.com, and at one point had the first (and at the time only) Phil Foglio tribute page.

Currently, notable content is this home page and my accompanying photo gallery, and the republic.org blogs. I also use it for the occasional personal programming project, Minecraft server, or what have you.

This specific home page was created in November, 2008. It both replaces and updates the wildly out-of-date page that preceded it, and served as a hands-on exercise to teach myself Cascading Style Sheets.

Signature - Karl Bilawski