Karl's Opinion Page


Written 11/2/98

Rating: 7 out of 10

Pleasantville is a good example of a film based around one concept; mixing black and white with color. The plot is pretty thinly hung around this idea, and a great many issues and ideas that could have been delved into are glossed over or ignored entirely.

That said, I liked it. It was certainly visually very attractive, and the story certainly worked as a cohesive albeit somewhat unrealistic whole. The protagonists are likeable enough, if one-dimensional. Basically, it's not great - but it's pleasant.

For Those Who Have Seen It

Okay, so what was up with that ending? It bugged the hell out of me. Frankly, this movie lost one whole point IMO (and isn't it all?) just by virtue of the parental infidelity, and another due to the incredibly poor and confusing ending. Well, okay, I would not have given it a 9, but either of those things being fixed would have given it an 8.

And it sure missed lots of opportunities to delve into societal issues, didn't it? Ah well; it was pretty, and kept me entertained for two hours or so. They filmed a darn good movie, but they didn't write one. Ah well; I read _Watchmen_ again afterward, and that gave me more than enough literary devices and complex issues to keep me happy for a while.