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Practical Magic

Written 10/18/98

Rating: 8 out of 10

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It wasn't terribly thought provoking, but it had likeable protagonists, it was more or less a happy movie, and it had a healthy dose of the supernatural to it. It's really a well-made little movie; the plot moves along, things more or less logically follow each other, with questionable elements simply being dealt with in the 'that's just how it is' manner rather than having hokey explanations thrust upon them. All in all, I'm tempted to go see it again. Which is reason enough for you to.

For Those Who Have Seen It

I liked it. I'll be the first to admit that the whole premise is fictional from the get-go, but that's one of the reasons i like it. It doesn't try to sell itself as a 'this could be real' movie.

The characters were particularly good. Both Kidman and Bullock do a fine job, the Aunts were well done, and even the little girls (kids being a particular dislike of mine in movies) were endearing but not too much. There were additionally all sorts of small things to like - the fact that the star was his talisman, and proof against the evil spirit, because he believed in it (much like certain takes on vampires vs. the cross). The line about her deceased husband "loving her mint oatmeal shaving cream. He couldn't stop eating it." That gorgeous old New England house. The general familial feeling, from the midnight margaritas to the chocolate for breakfast.

I'll stop there. This will be one to purchase, and watch alongside The Frighteners in nights to come.