Karl's Opinion Page

What Dreams May Come

Written 10/18/98

Rating: 7 out of 10

What Dreams May Come is a fine film, beautifully illustrated. Unfortunately, its main purpose seems to be to make the viewer sad. This really rather detracts from a movie about Heaven; the many potential moments of joy were either skipped over or hurried along, to reach more lugubrious scenes. This was particularly a flaw given that the main character was played by Robin Williams, so capable of reaching that inner child of a purer emotion. Alas, in this film he delivers to us tragedy but little else.

It's truly cinematic, though, and the grand sweeping vistas and palettes which are presented are worth seeing in their fuller glory in the theater.

For Those Who Have Seen It

I liked the inverted cathedral concept in Hell - that was nifty. Unfortunately, I had a hard time sympathizing with most of the characters, as their personal tragedies were allowed to overwhelm any sort of 'character' they may have had, so that they became paper mockups of 'people who have gone through x'. And, dammit, I wanted some f'ing joy!! It's Heaven! You are supposed to be happy there! Particularly if you are Robin Williams! Ah well. It was purty anywhoo.