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5/10/99 Oklahoma 4/10
8/21/99 Two Gentlemen of Verona 7/10
8/28/00 Love's Labours Lost 6/10


6/29/99 Greece 7.5/10

Other Stuff

10/18/98 Personal Metaphysics
4/7/99 Karl's Rules

A note on the rating scale: It's a scale from 1 to 10; 5 means it was about equivalent to spending an equal amount of time doing nothing in particular; below 5 means it was a waste of time, and should be avoided. 7 is enjoyable; 8 or higher is certainly recommended. I have yet to give a ten, though such personal favorites as The Great Escape or Things Fall Apart rate in the 9.5 area. Yes, I give tenths of points.
Also, the dates are the date that the subject in question was added to this list, not the date upon which I saw it. They start in 1998.

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