Karl's Opinion Page

If you are reading this, you obviously care - or are at least passingly curious - about what I think, for which I thank you. I mean, it is titled pretty blatantly "Karl's Opinion Page". If you have your own opinions, I invite you to create your own opinion page.

In particular, this list is to keep track of several forms of media which I routinely expose myself to (no, not like that, pervert). Mostly it is for self-reference, since the mind tends to forget over the course of years. But it is also a vehicle for disseminating correct thought, i.e. mine.

The ratings system is a scale of 1 to 10. However, I don't think I've ever given a ten, and I rarely give less than five; I consider five to be equivalent to sitting around looking out the window. If something is worse than that, I tend to never finish it, and these ratings are only ever for works that I have seen through to completion.

This list was begun in 1998; since 2008 I have tried to give more of a review than a simple numeric rating. All of those reviews can be unearthed over in the republic.org blogs.

Since the page was growing long, I have divided it into three sections.